SACAF has an impressive track record of bringing U.S. and Chinese cultural interests together for large scale events.

Past Events:


2005 Sponsored conference and workshops on “Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medicine of the Future” by honorable guest speaker, Mr. Deng, Tietao from China.


2005 Assisted Education Delegation of Mawei District of Fuzhou, China to visit New York City Department of Education and discuss U.S.-China cultural and educational exchange as well as long-term cooperation plan.

Song, Jinsheng Art ExhibitionSong, Jinsheng Art Exhibition

2005 Sponsored an art exhibition for Song, Jinsheng, an outstanding artist and new immigrant from China at the U.S. Federal Immigration Bureau, New York.

2004 Chen, Sitan Debut Performance2004 Chen, Sitan Debut Performance

2004 Sponsored Chen, Sitan, a two time gold medalist of World Tai Chi Championship for his debut performance in the U.S.

2002 China Fujian Book Exhibit2002 China Fujian Book Exhibit

2002 Co-hosted “China Fujian Book Exhibit” in New York City with the Administration of Press and Publication of Fujian Province, China.

2001 Yang, Dongping Art exhibition2001 Yang, Dongping Art exhibition

2001 Sponsored Art exhibition for Yang, Dongping, an excellent artist from China for his U.S. debut.

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