Ambassador Zhang, Qiyue, and Wang, Yue, Vice Chairman issued Beijing Tourism Experience Awards to lucky Baseball Fans at the Game

Vice Chairwoman Yue Wang said although language can be a barrier to communication, tourism connects people from around the world to engage and interact beyond the limitations of speech alone. Li Li, Executive Vice President of the Sino-American Friendship Association also believes that tourism creates opportunities to enhance the US-China relationship by providing positive interactions based on friendship that have the power to reduce traditional barriers to communication and improve cross-cultural understanding. After the game, grand fireworks was set off at the Citi Field and brought the “Charming Beijing, An Evening of Chinese Culture” to a climax. Since 2009, the series of “An Evening of Chinese Culture” event have attracted over 200,000 fans to watch the Chinese culture and art performance during games.

Beijing Tourism Logo were showcased on the LED Screen

Fans are at the "Charming Beijing" booths;

Beijing Tourism Scrolling Ads at Base Lines 1 and 3

Beijing Tourism Scrolling Ads at Base Lines 1 and 3

Chinese-American Singers at Citi Plaza

Beijing Cultural Performance at Citi Plaza

Grand Fireworks at Citi Field after the Game

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